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Save gas, money and time by watching concerts online. 

All of us are feeling the effects of rising fuel costs in almost every way. The cost of everything from bread to milk to toilet paper is on the rise, and there seems to be no end in sight for things to change.

Many people have changed, shortened or completely canceled vacation plans this summer, and everyone is looking for better deals, buys and money-saving ideas.

IT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE - a new way to enjoy a concert, a stage play or stand-up comedy of your choice, live, as it happens. We have come up with a solution using our pay-per-view system for events, in which you can pay for and watch an entire event, no matter how far away it is from you online. JB "think's this is just the beginning of things to come as people continue to search for ways to entertain themselves without having to buy expensive tickets, now you can invite some friends over and have a in house concert party or if you're local to the event, you can drive to the concert hall the traditional way to see your favorite group or play perform. 

I believe people will be quite willing to pay for this service now and in the future, and I am fairly sure this will lead the way to a lot more of the same type of services that will be offered."

We know that as people have less time these days and less money to spend, they will be looking for something that is both convenient and gives them more for their money. What could be better than sitting in the comfort of your own home, watching your favorite concert, that is live, not recorded, half-way around the world from you?

Promoters, Artist, Directors, Event Planners, We have the solution that enables you to sell many more seats than the venue you're presently performing in, a completely new idea for the industry by creating a significant new revenue stream. At the same time, it provides fans access to their favorite artist no matter how far away they are, for example: your venue holds 2,000 seats, a sell out is 2,000 seats, but now you have a choice to increase your viewing audience and revenue stream with Turner Online Presents using our Turner Pay Per View Online System.

Step out of the box with us for a moment, say 100,000 pay per view transactions are sold online - worldwide - all in one night - streaming your Live Event to 100,000 viewers, you'll have to promote 50 shows to match the viewership of what "Turner Online Presents" can do in one night. (before you plan your next tour, all celebrity artist and labels should contact us for this new opportunity!!!) 

Pay-per-view (abbreviated PPV) is the system in which television viewers can purchase an event to be seen on their Television, available, only if your cable company carried it .

Pay-per-view-online (abbreviated PPVO) is the system in which Internet users can purchase an event to be streamed live at the same time to everyone ordering it, which allows viewers world wide to see the same live event as the in-house audience and in most cases, you will have the best seat.

Customers who have paid the Pay Per View Online fee, your access pass is good for (1) one view only.

We can also set up a special web promotional package for your event. We have a Internet marketing sales force now reaching 10+ million people nationwide and building more each day, also we are developing a global Internet marketing sales force to reach 100+ million people. This service is so new and different, No promoter or artist should pass this opportunity up.

Gas is high, Life is hard, Pay Per View Online is easy, so sit back, relax and let us bring the live events to you.

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